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Gardening for Wildlife

And for the wildlife


We provide a unique service to attract wildlife to your garden.  Obviously, success in this field must be measured realistically, so where you live will affect what wildlife we may be able to attract to your garden.


Your needs may be as simple as attracting more bumble bees to your garden.  This would normally be a two-pronged approach; planting a good mix of nectar rich flowers in suitable locations which would provide bumble bee food over a long period would be the first phase.  The second would be providing suitable nesting sites to encourage bees to stay and breed.


You may wish to attract frogs, newts, hedgehogs, bats, birds, butterflies or moths.  Alternatively, you may just wish for a lovely display of wildflowers which will in turn attract many of the above.


We can advise you on the very best course of action and implement measures to greatly increase the chances of your garden becoming a haven for wildlife as well as yourself.


The Elephant Hawkmoth may visit your garden if you can provide the right habitat

A wildflower meadow looks beautiful but also provides food and shelter for many creatures.

Nest boxes sited high on the trellis provide shelter and safety for nesting birds and their young, whilst the flowers attract insects for them to feed on.

This Brimstone Butterfly caterpillar feeds and finds shelter on Buckthorn, which is also a good native hedging plant

This Robin is a regular visitor and is seen here with nesting material


This fledgling Tree Sparrow was a little reluctant to leave the nest, teetering on the edge of the nest box on several occasions, before finally leaving a good two days after its siblings!